Gelati artigianali

        Gelati Bella Italia is Curaçao's only real Italian

                    Gelato parlor and services over 50 flavors daily.


                                                                           We use the best quality products , fresh

                                                                           whip cream and dextrosio.


                                                                           Our gelato doesn't use fat, or any kind of

                                                                           product to keep the gelato frozen. 

                                                                           These products are not part of gelato 

                                                                           making process.


Gelato "Milk based" 

Milked based gelato says it all, made with milk and is created in all the following flavors.


Vanilia, Fior di Latte,  Pistaccio, Bacio, Tentazione, Tiramisu, Oreo Flavored, Cafe, Coco, Nutella, Bacio, Amerena, Malaga, Chocolate, Straciatela, Baileys, Tartufo, Nociola and many more...


Gelato "Fruit based"

Our Fruit based gelato, is made with water based and we use fresh fruits.


Melone, Passion fruit, Watermelon, Kiwi, Banana, Pineapple, lemon, Tropical Fruits, Mango


Gelato "Yogurt based"

Specially for the Yogurt lovers, gelato created from yogurt and is available in the following flavors.


Yogurt Strawberry, Plain Yogurt, Tropicana, Blueberry and other flavors that vary by day and location.


Stick "Milk based"

Made dialy, in all kinds of flavors. Only at our Hyatt Location.


Vanilia, Fior di Latte, Pistaccio,
Bacio, Tentazione, Tiramisu, Oreo
Flavored, Cafe, Coco, Nutella,
Amerena, Malagam, Chocolate,
Straciatela, Baileys, Tartufo, 
Nociola and many more...




Gelato "Soy based" 

This is a "SUGAR FREE" especially for all clients who can not eat sugar, this way you can still enjoy a fresh made Italian Gelato.


Flavors (availability depending on location): Vanilia, Pistaccio, Bacio,chocolato, Caffé.



Stick "Fruit based"

Available only at the Hyatt boutique


Strawberry, Mango, Lemon, and many more flavors.


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